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Another way companies measure value is by taking amortization into account to determine how much the intangible asset is worth for the current year and future years. Finally, businesses can use cash flow projections to measure the future benefits the specific asset will bring to the business. If you don’t feel comfortable tackling these tasks on your own, hire an experienced accountant.

If there is a that allows the lessee to renew with favorable lease terms (i.e., contractual rent payments are less than market rent), the renewal option should be considered in measuring the favorable terms of the lease. Renewal options should also be considered when determining the lease term. When renewal options are reasonably certain of being exercised, the lease term should include the additional term provided by the renewal option. The contractual rent payments made during the lease term will be included when measuring the lease liability and right-of-use asset. This means that even when the assumptions used to measure the lease liability indicate that the lease would be classified differently, the acquirer is required to retain the classification used by the acquiree. For example, for a new lease, a purchase option that is reasonably certain of exercise would result in the lease being classified as a finance lease.

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The fair value of the overlapping customer relationship would be estimated by reflecting the assumptions market participants would make about their ability to generate incremental cash flows. See FV 7.3.4 for further information on the valuation of intangible assets. Company A, the lessor of a commercial office building subject to various operating leases, was acquired by Company G during 20X0 in a business combination. Included in the assets acquired is a building fully leased by third parties with leases extending through 20X9. As market rates have fluctuated over the years, certain of the leases are at above-market rates and others are at below-market rates at the acquisition date.

  • Deloitte refers to one or more of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (“DTTL”), its global network of member firms and their related entities.
  • In short, a calculation is made regarding how much the brand is worth as an intangible asset.
  • Staff analyzed the results of the 72 responses to the survey and those results affirmed the staff’s perception that there is diversity in practice related to the accounting and financial reporting for intangible assets.
  • If the intangible asset has an indefinite life, no amortization is recorded, but it will be subject to review at the end of each reporting period.

One challenge with intangible assets is that they are not very conducive to debt financing. Because they are non-rival goods which are often difficult to collateralise, it is often easier to finance investments in intangible assets through equity. Tangible assets like buildings and machinery can be destroyed by fires and floods. In accounting, an intangible asset is a resource with long-term financial value to a business. Suggested that the core components of intangible assets are internal organization structures, external organization structures and the competence of its personnel.

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You do not record intangible assets that you create within your business. Technology-based intangible assets generally represent innovations on products or services but can also include collections of information held electronically. An acquirer may have a preexisting relationship with the acquiree in the form of an operating lease agreement (e.g., the acquirer is the lessor and the acquiree is the lessee).

Intangible assets are untouchable, meaning they are physically unexisting assets owned by a company which are hard to be valued but play a crucial role in the company’s long-term growth and valuation. Intangible assets are reviewed for impairment at the end of each reporting period , or whenever circumstances indicate that the carrying value of the asset may not be recoverable . During the research phase, all costs are recognized as expenses as they are incurred. In contrast, for development costs, all six of the criteria listed above must be met in order to capitalize costs, otherwise the development costs are also expensed.


UnIntangible Asseted technology, however, is often sold in conjunction with other intangible assets, such as trade names or secret formulas. As it is often sold with a related asset, the unpatented technology generally would meet the separability criterion. A noncompete agreement negotiated as part of a business combination generally prohibits former owners or key employees from competing with the combined entity.

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If an intangible asset is considered to have an indeterminate life, it is not amortized at all. Instead, it is periodically tested to see if the recorded cost of the asset has been impaired. Impairment occurs when the fair value of the asset declines below its carrying amount. If there is impairment, the difference between the fair value and carrying amount is charged to the asset, resulting in a reduction of the carrying amount to its fair value. Organizations that have invested large sums to establish brands may find that the value of their intangible assets greatly exceeds the value of their physical assets. An organization usually also has a large number of tangible assets, such as buildings, land, and machinery.

Measurement subsequent to acquisition: intangible assets with finite lives

Deloitte refers to one or more of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (“DTTL”), its global network of member firms and their related entities. DTTL (also referred to as “Deloitte Global”) and each of its member firms are legally separate and independent entities. The net method deducts the grant from the assets book value to arrive at the carrying amount of the asset, while the gross method records the asset at its gross value and sets up the grant as deferred income.