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The breakout equips us with precisely defined levels to play with. As you might have deduced from the name, the bearish flag was coined as a result of the fact that the price pattern resembles an upside-down flag flying from a pole. It is formed after a sharp drop in the price of a stock is followed by a period of consolidation.

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While they are helpful when you are choosing among patterns, don’t get obsessed with them. Reading the market context is more important than finding the perfect pattern. Here, the neckline break was the perfect trigger for a bearish pullback trade.


Moreover, we share tips on how to trade a bull flag and make profits. A bull flag fails or is invalidated once it breaks the low of the breakout candle. You want to see a strong move upward in prior days to form the “pole” of the flag. Then you want a tight consolidation where the price begins to move downward or countertrend on lower volume. Lastly, when the volume returns, you’ll buy the break of the previous candle’s high. A bull flag must have orderly characteristics to be considered a bull flag.

The bull flag pattern closely resembles the shape of a flag on a pole. The flag can take the shape of a horizontal rectangle and is often angled in a downward position away from the trend. If a trader has decided to buy as soon as the price rises out of the flag area, the next question is when should they sell. Like other trading decisions, this will likely depend on more than just stock patterns. That said, a common profit target is the base of the flag plus the height of the pole.

How to trade bull and bear flag patterns?

Then, if there’s a retest of the neckline, enter the market with the remaining half. This approach ensures that you get on board a runaway plummeting market. According to your level of confidence, you can vary your entry trigger. Instead of entering right after the market breaks the neckline, consider these triggers. Of course, this inability to resume the trend is not enough to justify a trade.


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It’s not a coincidence that the bullish flag pattern resembles a national flag after all; the name was inspired by the similarities with the national flag. When I trade a bull flag stock pattern, the biggest difference from a flat top breakout is that the consolidation is occurring BELOW the high. The optimal place to buy a bull flag breakout is once the trend begins to shift once again in the desired direction. In this 30-minute chart example, you can see that the first candle to make a new high inside the bull flag becomes the breakout candle. What is the difference between a bull flag and a bear flag?

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An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones financial security or life style. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. However, a head and shoulders pattern often targets a significant reversal. Therefore, the trade doesn’t offer a very good reward-to-risk ratio, yet the pattern still shows a transition from a short-term downtrend to a short-term uptrend.

The price chart from Answers Corp. below is a nice example of a bullish flag that may be breaking out. While the flag is not a perfect rectangle, what is more important is the basic premise behind the overall pattern. Note the strong rise in the stock as it forms the flag pole, and the tight consolidation that follows. Bulls are not waiting for better prices and are buying every chance they get. After a series of the smaller candles, the buyers reassume control of the price action and break the upper trend line to the upside, which activates the bull flag pattern. After you grasp how to draw the Cypher pattern on a price chart, you need to find where and when to enter a valid Cypher pattern trade, set a stop loss, and take a profit target.

Following all impulsive moves in the market is either a stark reversal or a period of consolidation. The flag of this pattern is such consolidation and is what you will be looking for to find this pattern. It is found anywhere from the daily chart to the 5-minute chart, and as such, it is a pattern that all traders should be aware of. Your results may differ materially from those expressed or utilized by Warrior Trading due to a number of factors. We do not track the typical results of our past or current customers.

In our previous Ethereum analysis, ETH Forming A Bearish Flag Pattern. Watch These Key Levels we warned our readers that the ETH price was still in a bull trend. However, there might be a mini-sell-off caused by a bearish flag pattern before that bull trend resumes.


In this example you have AMC breaking out of its prior trading range on increased volume. Now, inside this trading range we’ve drawn, you’ll see the “current” day we are wanting to trade inside the blue oval. Within that range, a bull flag begins to form mid-day, right at the middle of the trading range.

Flag patterns have five main characteristics:

He is the most followed when is a bull flag invalidatedr in Singapore with more than 100,000 traders reading his blog every month… If someday I will be a successful trader with the use of all your teaching. If you want to discover whether the market is a trending or a mean-reverting market, you can check out the first section of this article.

Look for that had a powerful and swift rise before forming a head and shoulders pattern. It’s important to look for significant support that might impede the falling momentum. Check if any critical support exists between the head and shoulders pattern and the target. The projected target of a head and shoulders pattern is a theoretical minimum. In practice, treat it as a draft target to work with before integrating other information. You may use a bearish price pattern or a closest swing high to place your stop loss.

The Cypher pattern, which can be either bullish or bearish, has five points and four legs . Like any other harmonic pattern, the theory behind the Cypher chart pattern is that there is a strong correlation between Fibonacci ratios and price movements. If support of the bull flag is breached, the trader knows the pattern is invalid and continuation is unlikely.

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So to start wrapping things up, here are a couple more examples of the head and shoulders in action. Note that I measure from the top of the head directly below to the neckline. I then take that same distance and measure lower from the breakout point. Because any daily close back above the neckline suggests invalidation. And I don’t know about you, but I’d rather take a 50 pip loss than a 100 pip loss.