atfx scam
atfx scam

There are also no commissions and spreads are competitive, starting at just 0.6 pips. Spread betting lets you speculate on the rising or falling markets. It includes tools to limit risk, such as stop-loss limit orders and balance protection.

Fourteen tips you should know before trading foreign exchange – FXStreet

Fourteen tips you should know before trading foreign exchange.

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Spread betting is popular for traders who want to diversify their portfolios. It is also popular for those who want to trade with leverage and a small investment. It provides investment studies of multiple investment banks, managers, professional brokers, and others.

For professional clients, speed and execution likelihood also play a role. MT4 offers a wide range of chart analysis tools, including more than 30 indicators and technical analysis tools. Set your own parameters, display options and chart types to create your own tailored trading experience.

Non-trading fees

It’s easy to understand the mixed ATFX opinions we were able to find online. Because the spread offers are quite nice, ranging from 0.1 pips on major currency pairs such as EUR/USD and 4.0 pips on exotics. All of this is market standards and can’t really be criticized . For the convenience of clients, ATFX offers multiple methods of contacting the team. There are main phone lines available on weekdays between 9 a.m. There is an 800 number from the UK and a separate number for calls from outside the UK.

atfx scam

Even so, the inclusion of the reports for ATFX clients is an incredibly useful tool. It can lead to a great deal of time savings in research or supplement a client’s other research strategies. This is a daily market report and you can download it right from the ATFX website. Past market reports are also available on the same page, including those from the last few months. You can change the time zone or the dates you wish to view.

Is the quality of customer service satisfactory?

Previously he worked in the banking sector, including at Citi Bank. He loves researching the financial industry, managing his long-term investments, and trading with algorithms. ReportScamOnline now considers Atfx to be operating an online scam. We recommend that our readers not trade or deal with Atfx and if you have an open account or agreement with this company, we suggest you try to withdraw your funds as soon as possible.

You also do not need to make any up-front investment. As an Introducing Broker, you just introduce the client. To give traders confidence in the Trading Central information, it is part of three different associations for Independent Research Providers. These include Asia IRP, Euro IRP, and Investorside Research. It is a Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC (U.S.) and SFC . To view all the products that ATFX offers on MetaTrader 4, visit the Market Watch window.

The seller asks to be paid via international money orders, checks, direct bank wires or cryptocurrency and will not accept any other form of secure payment. Atfx was mentioned as a suspicious platform by the most trusted regulatory body in the UK, the FCA . Our review is based on their respected opinion and on our personal research. ReportScamOnline suggests that the company operates illegally and without a proper financial regulatory license. Very bad customer service ever I had worked with them don’t open account in this broker…

The pending order is triggered, then transacted and executed in the form of a market order. This occurs when the market price reaches the correct point. It is important to remember that pending orders do not have guaranteed execution at their original price.

  • Trading FX or CFDs on leverage is high risk and your losses could exceed deposits.
  • ATFX is a broker offering the ability to trade a range of assets and aims to make their platform simple to use with support for the MetaTrader 4 software.
  • CySEC regulation provides access to the EU and EEA countries.
  • Similarly to the web trading platform,ATFX provides only one-step login.
  • Every closed deal from your referral leads to a commission.
  • Technical indicators and other technical tools, such as trendlines or Fibonacci retracement.

Forex brokers are being registered left right and center these days, which sometimes outshines the old and experienced companies. In this ATFX review, we’d like to devote some time to a brokerage that has been affected by this Forex broker extravaganza. The broker is not well known in any way as it’s very hard to find anything trying to promote it. The opinions expressed in this Site do not constitute investment advice and independent financial advice should be sought where appropriate. There have been reports of scammers approaching companies via Telegram, LinkedIn and Other Social platforms purporting to represent Blockonomi and offer advertising offers. Please always make contact with us via our contact page here.

You can contact a member of staff Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. You can contact them by phone, email or through the live chat. There is also a phone number available if you are calling from outside the UK. No information is provided on fees charged for withdrawal requests. The ATFX website also offers an education section for users to benefit from. The webinar schedules are updated periodically on the official website under the “education” section.

ATFX Review: Could This Broker Scam You?

If you have a demo account, you will be given $100,000 to trade, whilst if you are trading live, you will have as many funds as you deposited in the previous stage. In this paragraph, we will dedicate some time to discussing the trading conditions of the brokerage. Things such as the leverage, spreads, withdrawals and the accounts available with the company will be compared to the brokers it is allegedly competing with. ATFX is a regulatedForex Brokerbased in the United Kingdom, specifically in London.This broker allows trading with a wide variety of markets, including Forex, CFD, and raw materials. There are various types of accounts available for all sorts of clients, even for professionals. These comments are usually published weekly on the Analysis section of the platform’s site.

This is a big cheat by the broker with me.According to this price,return me whatever profit is made,Return Back My Profit As Per Closing Share Price 10.55. But as soon as I closed the trade and went to my history board, I am Shocked to see that I have only $2033 profit and the broker cheated me and closed my trade on Share Price 13.91. You can find out more about this scam tactic and how to protect yourself from clone firms. This is what we call a ‘clone firm’; and fraudsters usually use this tactic when contacting people out of the blue, so you should be especially wary if you have been cold called. They may use the name of the genuine firm, the ‘firm reference number’ we have given the authorised firm or other details. Fraudsters are using the details of firms we authorise to try to convince people that they work for a genuine, authorised firm.

atfx scam

If you think you have been approached by an unauthorised or clone firm, or contacted about a scam, you should contact us. If you were offered, bought or sold shares, you can use our reporting form. There are more steps you should take to avoid scams and unauthorised firms.

Being one of the top internet brokerage firms, ATFX has been in the internet trading business for over 9 years. The firm is regulated under FCA , and they specialize in forex trading. In order to begin taking their service, one needs to make a minimum deposit of $500. From our experience, the test results and conditions for traders are speaking for themselves.With ATFX you get clearly a good partner on your side. Knowing this, traders can trust the platform and confirm that the trading environment is truly safe and reliable as it looks. Review

ATFX offers the MT4 mobile app available on the App Store and Google Play. You can download the MT4 app on your phone, and through it, you will be able to access your ATFX account. You can login the first time you’re your name and email address.

You will also see the previous markets as well as reports of recent months that have passed. It is a third party that creates these market reports. By the third party, I mean ATFX does not validate either can they ascertain the integrity or accuracy of the reports. Even so, the inclusion of ATFX customer reports is an extremely useful tool.

What was your trading experience like with the brokers at ATFX? Please share your personal experience in the comments section below. We have scanned fees that ATFX charges when trading popular currency pairs, here is their breakdown in pips. ATFX is regulated by several authorities – including the top-tier FCA, which grants strong investor protection.

These include a lack of negative balance protection and waived restrictions on CFDs. ATFX can also use sophisticated market language when talking to professional clients and assume higher experience levels. There are also changes to considerations for best execution. For retail clients, priorities are the transaction cost and the overall price.

You can also sign up for different types of webinars. There are usually three sessions scheduled every week. Webinars are available in several languages including English, German, Italian or Spanish, but we found it a bit confusing that some webinars are only available in one language.

This firm is not authorised or registered by us but has been targeting people in the UK, claiming to be an authorised firm. There are four legal entities to choose from, and each comes with different regulations and services. We recommend the FCA-regulated entity, because it has the atfx trading platform highest investor protection amount at £85,000, while the FCA is one of the best financial regulators. ATFX provides trading ideas, based on technical indicators. You can find these trading ideas if you log in to the Member Center, then click ‘Research Platform’ or ‘Featured Ideas’.

The spot indices on ATFX have low margin requirements and low spreads. There is access to 1-to-1 customer support 24/5 plus tight spreads and no commissions. Trading of this type of asset begins with a 0.10 lot size. Trading with ATFX gives clients access to an FCA-regulated broker for trading CFDs and forex. The goal of ATFX is to deliver the best possible trading experience.