Similar in features, these offer the best chat moderation that new streamers are looking for. But what it does differently makes all the difference to its users. Nightbot allows regular viewers to be given the right to bypass spam filters and post links. In this way, the more trusted members of your community are suddenly allowed to become more involved in the streaming experience.

Is Streamlabs Chatbot down today?

According to its status page Streamlabs Chatbot is currently up. You can check the most recent events in the ‘Recent Outages and Issues’ on our page.

Freeware programs can be downloaded used free of charge and without any time limitations. Freeware products can be used free of charge for both personal and professional . Find the location of the video you would like to use. I have found that the smaller the file size, the easier it is on your system. Here is a free video converter that allows you to convert video files into .webm files.


A free Twitch bot service, Wizebot ensures a secure streaming. This bot manages, monitors and secures video streaming. It offers a multitude of tools and possibilities for viewers and live streamers. This chatbot consists of a robot that can scan chats, give display notifications for subscription, follows and more.


For new streamers, simple and easily implemented bots are usually best. There’s more than just a few Twitch bots out there already. And with new features and software entering the already clustered market each day, there’s no clear winner in our eyes. Moobot claims to be present on streams that account for over 60% of Twitch’s total viewership, making it the most prominent bot on the site. It has been active for over 10 years and verified by Twitch itself.

Replies to “streamlabs chatbot gif/video commands”

A bot account is a regular Twitch account that you connect to the Streamlabs software. Go ahead and create the account then authenticate it through Streamlabs. If you insist, and you ever want to reset your counters, you HAVE to do it manually as outlined below using the !

  • Typically, most streamers will have the ‘Link Protection’ on, to ensure that no unsafe links are sent into the chat.
  • A more universal bot, Nightbot shares several features with Moobot.
  • Please download and run both of these Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 redistributables.
  • Here is a video of a dude talking more about using .webm files.
  • Of course, you should not use any copyrighted files, as this can lead to problems.
  • You can set up commands for yourself or your viewers to use or just useful information, such as a reminder to drink water or for viewers to follow.

The features of Wizebot are being constantly updated to make streaming experience more fun. They offer service to more than 30,000 Twitch partners and over 300,000 channels. It also offers real-time files for overlays and customizable keyboard shortcuts.

Can’t complete the captcha in the setup wizard

Having humans in moderation is important, but you cannot expect them to keep pace with the ever increasing volume of chats. Also, human tend to make mistakes, and chatbots are here to simply eliminate these chances. The reaction time of a chatbot highly exceeds that of a human. The best part is a chatbot won’t need time off, time to sleep or simply get bored.

What can Streamlabs Chatbot do?

Streamlabs Chatbot can join your discord server to let your viewers know when you are going live by automatically announce when your stream goes live….

Streamlabs Chatbot even has Integrations forDiscord and it can do auto hosting. AND it’s compelety FREE 😮 Remember also you can get a full setup of streaming tools with StreamLabs OBS. Are you looking for a good Chatbot that does it all? Copy Chat Command to Clipboard This allows a user to tell you they are still there and care.


Bots are incredibly useful moderating software , which help keep your chat in check and update everyone on important information. Your bot can also engage your chat in mini games, manage song requests and so much more. One neat feature is that Wizebot allows viewers to place bets with their accumulated points, creating custom wagers. Clips can be created automatically through the bot, and it can even program periodic giveaways to occur without you even prompting.

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The Connections tab is located at the bottom left corner of the screen. In order for this to work, you first need to go to Twitch and open a separate bot account. You should stay logged into Twitch via this account throughout the process.

How To Connect Streamlab Chatbot To Your Twitch Channel

Demonstrated commands take recourse of $readapi function. This will return how much time ago users followed your channel. To return the date and time when your users followed your channel. Using this command will return the local time of the streamer.

  • OWN3D Pro is a streaming software service that integrates with OBS Studio as a plugin.
  • Day-by-day Twitch is scaling in terms of technology, architecture and level of organization.
  • Not sure why the other was showing the “currently offline”.
  • If you were smart and downloaded the installer for the obs-websocket, go ahead and go through the same process yet again with the installer.
  • Adding filters on a fast-moving chat system and moderating it manually can be really difficult.
  • In this age of online streamers and content providers, Twitch has created a strong reputation for itself.

You will also need to figure out how to entertain your audience during how to use streamlabs chatbot times, or during loading times. Streamlabs Chatbot requires some additional files (Visual C++ 2017 Redistributables) that might not be currently installed on your system. Please download and run both of these Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 redistributables. Here you have a great overview of all users who are currently participating in the livestream and have ever watched. You can also see how long they’ve been watching, what rank they have, and make additional settings in that regard.

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Adding filters on a fast-moving chat system and moderating it manually can be really difficult. Lora is a chatty streamer who likes playing games both on maximum difficulty and just casually. She features daily debates with her viewers as well as some challenging game play. Prior to that she studied social work and wrote articles for non-profit organizations. Viewers can ask Moobot to respond with custom chat commands.