From romantic comedies to social media hashtags just like #relationshipgoals, our culture romanticizes romances. Even though every romantic relationship is unique and has its ups and downs, a wholesome relationship generally shares a lot of core qualities. We asked two counselors to share all their Signs of a normal relationship, which include shared respect, good communication and safe practices.

1 ) You know your companion inside and out.

Once you’re in a solid, healthy relationship, “you know this person so well that you can predict their behavior and just how they will react to certain circumstances, ” O’Neill says. Additionally you respect your spouse or partner because their individual self, and don’t try to mold all of them into just who you think they must be.

installment payments on your Your needs and wants will be met.

Both of you work to balance your daily life together and individually, and you’re satisfied with the way things are. It has common for couples to bicker, although a healthy partner respects the boundaries and doesn’t enforce for you, O’Neill offers. You also share traits of swedish woman your feelings and needs honestly and truthfully with one another in order to find ways to meet in the middle.

3. Your partner has your very best interests in mind.

A healthy spouse prioritizes your well-being, this means they benefit and respect your personal and professional boundaries. They don’t criticize your way of life choices or spend time with friends, family and hobbies and interests. And they’re committed to being there for you physically, psychologically and financially. This is especially important during times of stress or when youre facing health challenges.